Petsmart Walmart Haul Plus Cage Tour

Petsmart Haul – Face Reveal too!

We went to Petsmart looking for a new wheel for Benny McMonkey, but they didn’t have the right size, so I ended up getting some other things that we needed. And, if you stay tuned, you will see ME (Christina) for the first time 🙂 And of course all of the kids, except Carmella, because she was on the floor while I was giving out treats, and not in frame. As always, we hope that we made you smile today 🙂 Please remember to Subscribe, and give us a Like if you enjoy our videos. And if you would like to receive a notification of when we upload, just click on the Bell 🙂 Thanks for watching, and subscribing to the Animal Love Fest Gang! Follow us on Instagram: Shortly you will be able to support us by purchasing some fun T-Shirts, created with …

Pet Haul | April 2015

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*Petco Vlog And Haul*

Hey Hows it going! Tell me in the comments below! Welcome to my FIRST EVER Petco Vlog And Haul & THE FIRST EVER PETCO VLOG OF 2013!!! My friend Kristina and I really enjoyed filming and making this video! I really hope you enjoyed it, because that’s what matters right! I basically gave you a detailed video overview of my local PetCo and if you enjoyed it please give this video a like! I worked really hard on editing it and putting in the slideshow that featured Austin Mahone’s “Say You’re Just A Friend.” Everyone is just loving this song and so I thought why not put it in our signature slideshows. Our slideshows are signature because there is no one else on youtube that takes pictures while they film and then adds music and puts it all together at the end of the vlog and then the haul …

DITL with Me, Mrs. BudgetBunny! | KrystleChantelle

Brought to you by! Follow me through an average day at the Bb house! Please note that this does not follow my entire routine, just gives you a glimpse at what I get up to during the day! Royalty Free Music provided by Kevin McLeod of Incompetech Song – Cipher


So my sister and I set up a new guinea pig area, we went guinea pig shopping for my birthday and ended up coming out with a baby boy guinea pig who is still yet to be named! So comment suggestions down below, you meet my older sister, andddd see the pretty photos of all my guineas! xxx Thanks for watching! Check out my other videos and subscribe!

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