Organic Cotton Men T Shirts

Men's  Custom Big Bad Wolf Short Sleeve  Tops TeesIf you look at statistics, you will see that organic cotton men t shirts production has superbly increased. One of the reasons was that the number of consumers who choose organic cotton t shirts over other types is also increasing. Why do you think this worldwide phenomenon is happening?

It is actually quite simple. Society has matured in its notions towards the environment and after many years, it has come to understood the effect of anybody action in the preservation of the environment, one of which is using organic cotton t shirts.

Organic farming practices are used by these organic cotton plantations. They do not use chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides but revert to a more natural means. They use ladybugs to ward off pests from the fields, and they use animal manure as fertilizers.

Thos who manufacture 100% organic cotton t shirts often adhere to a sweatshop free workplace. This means that employees of these companies are given the right compensation, and enjoy fair labor practices as implemented by the company.

If you are wondering why 100% cotton is not environmentally-friendly, as compared to organic cotton, the answer lies in the environmental impact that cotton production creates.

Cotton farms that do not produce environmentally friendly cotton utilize large amounts of pesticides and fertilizers, which harm the ecology in the surrounding area, as well as the workers who tend the farms.

Birds, like quails, would often get sick due to their exposure to these chemicals. Cotton workers suffer from failing health due to exposure to some chemicals found in pesticides, which are confirmed carcinogens, and some being suspected carcinogens.

Now it is no longer a mystery why more and more people are opting for organic cotton men t shirts. It is one simple way of helping the deteriorating environment.

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