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10 Signs You’ve got Been At the Beach For Too Long

There’s nothing flawed with being a seaside bum. If we may lay out all day, surrounded by sand, solar and surf, we completely would. But is there such a thing as being on the seaside for too long?

For those who answer sure to most or all of these questions, you could also be suffering from a seashore overdose.

Women's Desgin Under the Microscope #Black Short Sleeve T-Shirt1) christian t shirts for women You can’t remember the last time you placed on a pair of shoes, socks or a shirt.

2) You’ve acquired an array of epic tan strains. christian t shirts for women And also you rock them with pride.

3) Wait, what day of the week is it?

4) You (and all the pieces you own) is covered with sand. And it’s actually not an enormous deal.

5) Everyone is jealous that you are BFFs with the lifeguard.

6) Your three main food teams include deep-fried anything, ice cream and alcohol.

7) Even your pets prefer to sleep by the sea.

Eight) You’d reside here all yr if you may. Who needs a roof?

9) You have received no fear of sharks, jellyfish or riptides. However, rainy days are your worst nightmare.

10) You’ve heard rumors in regards to the royal child and something about a guy christian t shirts for women named Weiner. However you then fell again asleep.