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which automatic polishing machine do I buy

What are the kinds of polishing machine? Which automatic polishing machine do I buy? There are mainly two kinds of polishing machines, manual polishing machine and automatic polishing machine. Currently two available types of manual polishing machine in the market. One is the vertical pulley motor polishing machine, mainly fixed on the ground, generally divided into [...]

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what does polishing compound do

Polishing wax is the necessary consumable in the process of metal products polishing by automatic polishing machine, which can be divided into solid polishing compound and liquid polishing compound. What does polishing compound do? Now we will talk about the most used solid wax and the wax application on automatic polishing machine. Automatic polishing machine polishing [...]

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compensation way of automatic polishing machine

In the process of automatic polishing machine, how to quickly and accurately compensate the different materials and shapes during polishing consumables loss has been most cared by automatic polishing machine operator. Now, I'll talk about the common compensation way of automatic polishing machine. Handwheel compensation by manual. The hand wheel moves up and down to adjust [...]

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Automatic Arc-edge Polishing Machine for Metal Fittings

Small jewelry, small metal fittings, those products are too small and number is large that can’t be polished by manual, so here we introduce the automatic arc-edge polishing machine to process these products, mainly two types: one is flat polishing machine, another is arc polishing machine. Flat polishing machine. This type of polishing machine is not [...]

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Common problems with automatic polishing machines and solutions

Automatic polishing machines is more convenient and efficient, but it will also have some problems. I will focus on the common problems with automatic polishing machines when polishing and solutions to the problem. I. Polishing wheel In the whole polishing process, the importance of polishing wheel is no need to say. No matter what surface treatment, like [...]

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