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What is a grinding machine

What is a grinding machine? In a way, grinding is a process to let metal surface smooth by machining. Now, JINZHU automatic polishing machine manufacturer give an introduction to you. The grinding machine is consisted of a workbench with fixture to guide and hold the work piece, and grinding wheel driven by power and spinning at [...]

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Introduction of automatic polishing machine structures

Automatic polishing machine gradually become mainstream in polishing industry, but many practical automatic polishing equipment companies and individuals have not enough knowledge of the machine that lead to machine breakdown. This article will focus on the introduction of automatic polishing machine structures. Main working principle: Compared to manual mechanical, the improvement of the automatic polishing machine [...]

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Tips for the maintenance of automatic polishing machine

There is a big difference in the previous manual polishing machine and automatic polishing machine maintenance and upkeep. The tips for the maintenance of polishing machine are below: I. dust cleanup Dust is serious during polishing. Dust mixed polishing wax enter the body either breathing or skin contact will cause harm to people. If the polishing [...]

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Polishing machine safety rules

Polishing machine safety rules are below: 1. The operator must wear protective gloves, dust proof  mask, earplugs and other protective equipment, and in accordance to obey the operation rules strictly. 2. Polishing machine of the rotating parts have good guards. 3. Any part of the body can not near to the polishing machine moving parts during the [...]

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CNC polishing machine profile

CNC polishing machine is carried out with the respect of manual and automatic polishing machine up gradation, the main function is used for metal products surface polished. Compared with automatic polishing machine, CNC polishing machine increases the CNC programming system, automatic rails, multi-axis configurations. Here we mainly introduce the CNC polishing machines from the structure controlled, [...]

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